Diary of A Juvenile Bear

Bear cub Bodia enjoying himself in a pool in a Four Paws bear rescue station in Ukraine - © FOUR PAWS | Maryna Shkvyria - Vier Pfoten International
Bear cub Bodia in a pool in a Four Paws bear rescue station in Ukraine - © FOUR PAWS | Maryna Shkvyria - Vier Pfoten International

Join Berni Bear and his cousin Beartram in their daily adventures.


March 15th, 2015 - Black Eyed Bears


I came home with a black eye today. That's the bad news. The good news is that cousin Beartram could hardly limp home at all.


It all started out quite friendly. Beartram and I want to open an amusement park for bears. I have to admit it was Beartram's idea, really. But since he cannot build all the rides and booths on his own he wants me to become his partner. So we talked it over and everything went fine until we had to decide on a name for the park. Beartram wants it named Beartram & Berni Bear Amusement Park. But I said I am the older one and my name should come first. Beartram said that that didn't matter because he was the stronger one. I said "Bet you are not!" and that's when we started to fight. Beartram hit me with this mean left punch he has and this is how I got my black eye. And then I got so mad that I wrestled him down and bit him in his left leg really hard. Beartram started to howl with pain, and when I left off he got up and limped away, cursing.


When I got back to our cave Mama Bear looked at me and said that it was a shame, Papa Bear was so good and hardly ever got into fights, and she didn't understand why I always had to get involved in some brawl with that brute of a cousin. Then she cleaned my eye, and put me to bed with a nice, cool pack of ice for my eye. I fell asleep right away, and only woke up when Mama Bear called my down for dinner. She looked at me and shook her head, and said that it would be interesting to see what Papa Bear would have to say to my black eye.


Well, she didn't have to wait long for that, because Papa Bear walked into the cave right that minute, and guess what, he also had a black eye! Mama Bear sighed, and went to get some soap and water. She cleaned Papa Bear's eye, and put some ice on it, too. Then she started sniffing, and Papa Bear said that there was no need to sniff, he knew he stank, because he had met with an accident when building one of the new Bear Pooh power plants: he had slipped and fallen into one of the big containers full of bear pooh. Once he had crawled out of the mess and was on his way home to get himself cleaned up, he had met Beartram's father in the street, who had asked him where he had gotten his interesting new perfume. So those two started to fight, and this is how Papa Bear came to have his black eye. "But," said Papa Bear, " I gave him something to remember, too, because I bit him in his left leg, and he could hardly limp home!" Continue reading