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Dancing BearPark Belitsa, Bears Gosho and Mariana. © VIER PFOTEN International - FOUR PAWS International

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Bear Seida looking out of her cave - Dancing BearPark Belitsa © Four Paws - Vier Pfoten
Bear Seida looking out of her cave - Dancing BearPark Belitsa © Four Paws - Vier Pfoten

January 3rd, 2015 - Back to school


Had history lesson today. Seems all those ancient bears ever did was fight. And those names: Bearikles, and Bearsephone and Bearseus! No wonder they were constantly fighting with each other. Likely not because of love for the heroine, but about how to pronounce their names right.


I don't like history lessons much anyway. I like the practical classes much more: like how to get the honey from a bee hive without getting stung, and how to protect my sensitive snout from the bees. And what the deal is with that fermenting fruit that makes me feel so funny. My cousin Beartram, who is quite a character, is convinced that we somehow need to get the juice out of those fermenting fruits, and that the juice will be a real treat.

January 4th, 2015 - Beartram, the Barbearian 

My cousin Beartram is in jail! Guess what he did? He was caught stealing honey again, and there was no use denying it and playing the innocent - Beartram's paws were all sticky when Bear Patrol caught him. The officer was none to gentle and pawcuffed him. And the judge, who so far had always been very lenient because Beartram is still quite young and basically a nice bear, said that Beartram needs to learn a lesson. So it was jail for poor Beartram this time. And as he looked quite sad when he was carted off to the county jail I went to visit him this morning.


The jail is right behind the beariff's office, and the guard let me talk to Beartram through the bars. I wanted to lighten the atmosphere with a joke, and asked Beartram, as he now was a bear behind bars, if he wanted to be the lead bear in my next movie, "Beartram, the Barbearian". But Beartram did not appreciate the joke, in fact he said that if I hadn't anything nice to say I was welcomed to leave. So I quieted down some and we had a cozy chat. I'll go back tomorrow and bring Beartram a book or something to pass the time. But I am not quite sure if Beartram is cured of his passion for honey yet. I rather wonder what he will be up to next...  Continue reading